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Little Seeds is a relaxing experience using virtual reality, placing the player at the heart of a bucolic garden in which he will be able to grow his own trees. Mixing recreation and amazement, you'll have the pleasure to combine different seeds to create unique plants and arrange your creations in the garden.

This game is only usable with the HTC vive and was made by 7 students of Enjmin school (France) in 3 months.

Yannis Attard | yannis.attard@gmail.com                                                                         https://twitter.com/captain_mussel

Soufian Maaté  http://soufianmaate.wixsite.co...

Game Designer:
Yann Florian | yann.florian.pro@gmail.com                                                          https://www.linkedin.com/in/yannflorian/

2D/3D Artist:

Noémie Szmrzsik-Cohard                                                                                                                   http://noemie-szm.jimdo.com/

Ui/UX Designer:
Marie Lou Boisaubert | marielou.boisaubert@gmail.com                      https://www.linkedin.com/in/marie-lou-boisaubert/                                                                                     
Sound Designer :

Antoine Chabroux-Wert | Antoine.wert@outlook.com

Producer :
Vincent Le Méhauté | vincent.lemehaute@gmail.com                                             https://www.linkedin.com/in/vincent-le-mehaute/

Install instructions

For playing this game you need  a HTC Vive

/!\ The playing surface must be superior or egal 3*2,5m /!\

Download the archive, extract files and click on the .exe ! (Don't forget to run steam VR before)

If you liked the game, please consider leaving a comment, feedbacks are always welcomed :)


Little_Seeds.zip 467 MB

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